What are the permissions requested to download the app?

For those of you who always wanted to know what all those permissions that you agree to when you download the app are about, please read below why we asked for each one of them:

In-app purchases

This allows subscriptions to be bought from within the app.

Device and app history

Your device information is used for support purposes only. We track your device model, IMEI number so we can identify it, manufacturer, Android system version and app version.

Thus, if you have a problem with downloading the app, for example, we can know if it’s because you have an outdated version of Android or the app. We can also know if it is a problem related to the device model, or due to insufficient internal memory.



This gives us access to your google account email, which is useful for troubleshooting any problems that you might have with your subscription, and your phone number so we can also help when you're subscribed to one of our carrier billing plans.

We do not store any other personal data such as: contacts on your mobile phone, your name, or Facebook account.



This allows us to auto-validate purchases made via carrier billing. We do not retrieve or read any message that happens outside carrier billing phone numbers.



This allows us to store videos at your device's internal storage space, and then you can watch them whenever you want. We do not view or retrieve any of your personal files, photos or videos.


Wi-Fi connection information

This helps us know when you can download videos and your current internet connection status.


Device ID & call information

Through this we can suspend PlayKids when you receive a call, thereby allowing you to answer it. Also, if you want to subscribe via your mobile carrier, we need your telephone number to verify that it is valid and thus confirm your subscription. This number is also required to authenticate your current subscription status on carrier billed subscriptions.

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