Where can I find settings and other control features?

Parental Control Menu: On the top right corner of the home screen you will see a slide bar. This gives you access to Settings, Sound Adjustment and Contact menus. Pull slide bar to the left to open.

Sound: Enables or disables all sound within PlayKids

Settings: open Settings menu

Contact: Here you can either send us your feedback about PlayKids, or leave a message for our Customer Support team

Parental Control: pull to enable Baby Mode as well as the Repeat and AirPlay functions. To open, pull tab to the left.

Baby mode: When enabled, it locks video controls to prevent any PlayKids accidental navigation. To disable, pull out the Parental Control tab and tap the icon again.

Repeat: When enabled, plays the current video on repeat mode until this option is disabled.

AirPlay: Connects PlayKids to your Apple TV, so you can watch videos on your TV.


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