How do I create more space on my device?

If you are using an Apple device:

  1. Delete the videos that your child is no longer watching or has already watched, by following these instructions: Open “Configurations”, on the main page of the device, then open > Manage downloaded videos > Edit > Then, select the videos you wish to delete > Click Delete selected. After deleting, you can download the video again at any time.
  2. Select the cars that your child wants to watch most. To choose the designs that will be shown, open Configurations on the Home menu of the devise and press the Select Content button.



If you are using an Android device:

  1. Delete all content and download only the videos your child wants to see again. To do this, open Configurations on the main page of the application, then click > Delete Content > Yes.
  2. Disable the video download. By doing this, you can watch the videos directly from the internet without having to download them. This is the preferred option to use when you no longer have free internal memory to download videos. To choose this option, simply open Configurations and disable the Save videos to memory option.

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