How to share a PlayKids subscription through Family Sharing?

The PlayKids subscription is on the list of restricted content that cannot be shared through Family Sharing, because it is an in-app purchase. For more details, follow this link:

Therefore, to be able to share a subscription, you must do the following in each of the devices with blocked access to the videos:

  1.  Uninstall PlayKids from the device;
  2. Exit the Apple account, tapping: Settings, in the device's menu > iTunes Store and App Store > Apple ID:... > Sign Out;
  3. Log onto the Apple account that holds the subscription: insert your Apple ID and Password > tap Sign In;
  4. Download PlayKids again;
  5. Open the app and "Restore Subscription" tapping the icon with two cogwheels, on the apps start screen > scroll to Subscription > Restore Subscription;
  6. There! The videos should now be unblocked.

Once the app is fully unblocked, repeat steps 2 and 3 to change the Apple ID back to the one held by the person who uses the device.

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