How do I avoid unwanted purchases?

You can prevent accidental purchases from happening by blocking purchases within the app, or by setting it up so your password is always required for purchases.


For Apple / iOS devices:

You can block purchases within any app, and you can also enable an option where your password is always prompted in order to make a purchase. To do so:

  1. From your device's Home screen, open Settings and then tap "General > Restrictions"
  2. Enter your password for Restrictions or create one if it does not already exist.
  3. Look for the “Require password” option and change it to "Immediately"
  1. Then, take a look around the settings: you can restrict many features from here.

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Furthermore, in Apple devices, Family Sharing can be activated in the family's devices. This helps a lot with security, because each time that the son tries to make a subscription, a message will appear in the responsible adult's cell phone to confirm or deny the purchase. For additional information about this, access this other article from Apple Support: :  

For Android devices:

Most Android devices by default won't ask for your password before completing your purchase. To avoid any unwanted purchases, please follow the steps below and activate Password Protection:

  1. Open Google Play Store app;
  2. Click the icon with three dashes on the upper left corner, then tap Settings;
  3. Under "User Controls", tap Require password for purchase;

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