What are the app buttons for?

Lupi's Train

Parental Control menu: pull to access Settings, Sound Adjustment and Contact menus. To open it, pull tab to the left.

Sound: Enables or disables all PlayKids Sounds

Settings: open Settings menu

Contact: Here you can either send us your feedback about PlayKids, or contact our Support team


Blue Flag: this train car has new videos!

Yellow flag: train car has videos you’ve downloaded and not watched yet.


Inside the Train Car

Video with a green arrow: this video is available and can be downloaded. Tap the arrow to download them.

Video with a spinning circle: this video is being downloaded. As download progresses, video icon changes from dark to light. Please wait until download is complete to watch video. During download, please keep PlayKids app open and internet is connected to ensure full video download.


Video with a Play symbol: this video has been downloaded to your device and is ready to be watched. You can access it whenever and wherever you want - even when you are offline!


Video with a padlock: When the video is locked, it means you have not yet purchased a subscription, or that your free trial is over. Subscribe now and enjoy endless fun activities with PlayKids!


New video: blue ribbon marks recently added videos!


Video Screen

Parental Control: pull to enable Baby Mode as well as the Repeat and AirPlay functions. To open, pull tab to the left.

Baby mode: When enabled, it locks video controls to prevent any PlayKids accidental navigation. To disable, pull out the Parental Control tab and tap the icon again.

Repeat: When enabled, plays the current video on repeat mode until this option is disabled.

AirPlay: Connects PlayKids to your Apple TV, so you can watch videos on your TV.



Manage Download: Allows you to delete videos from your device’s memory

Auto-Repeat: When active, selected video is played repeatedly

New features: Enables the sending of notifications about new PlayKids videos

Higher Quality: Toggle On/Off high quality videos



Situation: displays your current PlayKids subscriber status.

Restore Subscription: tap here to restore your access if you have an active subscription and PlayKids has not given you access to videos.

Subscribe: tap to purchase a Subscription.

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