Features of PlayKids Talk Screens?

Adult screen:

The account moderator has access to options that his/her child doesn't on the homepage. The upper right corner, as shown in the arrow, contains the Add Contact option.

In the conversation window with your child, you can monitor conversations by clicking the option indicated by the arrow:

On the homepage, on the left side, in gear, we find the Settings. There you can remove a contact, add other children, clear any doubts, talk to us, among other things.

In order to let your child use PlayKids Talk peacefully, you need to inform the application that your child is going to use PlayKids Talk on that device.

Simply switch the profile. Tap your photo at the top of the page to see the list of all your registered children. Choose which child will use PlayKids Talk on that device and rest assured!


Children Screen:

On the child's screen you can only talk to the contacts. There is no access to Settings.

If he tries to exit the profile, access is blocked and the parent's password is required:

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