How to create my PlayKids Account?

You can create a PlayKids Account on your device. With this account, sharing a subscription becomes much easier!

  • Access the Settings menu on PlayKids;


  • Scroll to Login session;



  • Tap Create Account;


  • Enter your email address, password and date of birth and confirm your data.

There you go! Now if you want to use the same account on another device, just do the following:

  • Access the Settings menu on PlayKids on the other device;
  • Scroll to Login session;
  • Tap Access;
  • Enter your account email address and password and confirm

P.S.: You should remember that a person with a subscription doesn't necessarily have a PlayKids Account. You can have a subscription without an account, and have an account without a subscription. The account is to share your data, and the subscription is to unlock the videos. If you want to subscribe, take a look at article "I want to subscribe"


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