How to cancel the subscription in Stories app?

Hi, astronaut. Tired of travelling? We will miss you...

In order to unsubscribe Apple, simply do the following:

  1. Open PlayKids Stories;
  2. On the app home screen, tap the gear icon on the right upper corner to access the Settings;
  3. Tap Subscription & Account;
  4. Select the option Manage Subscription to access your iTunes account;
  5. Search your active PlayKids subscription, tap it and disable the Automatic Renewal button.

And that's it! Your subscription is cancelled and you will still be able to like our stories within the app until the expiry date.

PS: Please note that if you delete the app without unsubscribing it as mentioned above, you will still be charged for iTunes.

PS 2: This cancellation is not a "goodbye", but rather a "see you soon." If you'd like your child to travel again with us all over the fantasy worlds, simply subscribe PlayKids again.

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